Twixt the mas! - Double Merrick recommends for December

DM Recommends - December 2021

Hello my friends!

‘When I Was Mortal’ - Javier Marias
Collections of short stories, much like gardening and horse racing are things I think I am going to enjoy much more than I actually do. That is until I picked up this book from a box that came over from England with my in laws. The Spanish novelist’s 1995 anthology is elegant, mysterious and precise. Some of them I immediately reread, because they are that damn elliptical. I don’t think there is a theme that binds them together, perhaps only scenes of women being observed? Well worth looking out for. 

'Waiting for Impact’ Podcast
Dave Holmes is an amiable, chatty cove. He had his big break presenting MTV, but something has always bothered him - The whereabouts of boy band Sudden Impact, glimpsed for the briefest of seconds on a Boyz II Men video, and then never heard from again. He uses this podcast to track down the group and find out what happened. It’s a wry, humane story as Mr Holmes weaves in parallel tales of similar failures to launch from that era. What happens when the biggest thing to ever happen to you doesn’t materialise? How do you cope with epic levels of rejection and bad fortune and move on?

‘How To Open a Door’ - A Finnish instructional video from 1979
Hypnotic, masterful. As one of the commenters on Youtube says "As a Dane, I’m embarrassed on our behalf. It seems we’re still ages behind the incredible technological advances of our friends the Finn. I hope we’ll get here someday”

DM x

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