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DM Recommends - July 2021


How is it going? It’s been a funny old month - either bucketing it down or insanely hot. I’ve either been crazy busy or on holiday. Because of this my recommendations are a bit all over the shop. My records show I seem to have spent most of the month reading a very very long Golda Meir autobiography. But here you go -

Generation 56K on Netflix
Only just started this so I can’t speak to the end, but I have bloody LOVED the first couple of episodes of this Italian comedy. It centers around a group of young friends in the 90s as the internet encroaches on their lives (the titualar 56k being the speed of a dial up modem). It’s very knockabout with some charming performances. It’s possibly a touch broad at times, but y’know what? I don’t care. 

Promising Young Women by Caroline O’Donaghue
I was switched onto the author by her excellent ‘Sentimental Garbage’ podcast. This, her first novel is about a young woman’s affair with her boss. It wasn’t what I was expecting - it starts as one thing and by a the end it’s like a demented Du Maurier at a temp agency, all nervy youth being preyed upon by predatory males. It’s no secret, I haven’t had a payslip since 2003 (not bone idle, just a goddamn hustler) but some of the office scenes depicted here sent shivers of recognition down my spine.

This jumper fulfils all of my Captain Haddock fantasies

McQuade Inc.
I don’t often recommend other artists, and I don’t know why that is (narcissism, definitely narcissism). There is some GORGEOUS stuff to be found over on Mike McQuade’s website. Choppy, rough, classy (inserts chef’s kiss here).

DM x
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