DM Recommends for February

View this email in your browser Hola Chicos/chicas, How are you diddling? Well, we are still here, despite January feeling like it was going to last for bloody EVER! Shitey weather and Brexit may encourage dark thoughts, but I say hold on to the good feelings - There is some really enjoyable telly on at the moment. Spinning OutA drama about mental illness and ice skating. Just say those words again. Mental illness and ice skating. Slower. Really savour the words… Yep, this is everything you want it to be. Camp,...

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DM recommends for December

Mes Vieux Chinas! How are you diddling? I hope you, like me are in the perpetual state of Christmas induced panic. Where icy fear grabs you by the testes (other genitalia is available) at random moments, when you remember someone you may or may not have forgotten to get a Christmas present for... I am convinced that it's a form of mild capitalism induced PTSD. So let me ease your panic with my DM recommendations for December.Better ThingsI am not usually a fan of the 'Vignettes loosely based on my...

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Adieu Framboise

Mes Amis!It's been a tough old week in the Double Merrick household.... Framboise 2009 - 2019 After a mercifully short decline, our dog Framboise has died. As Alice put it  "I don’t think I’ve ever known a dog with such presence! She will be remembered by everyone who met her". In her former life she was a concierge at a local restaurant, and the outpouring of tributes for this little dog has been amazing. 

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DM recommends for November

Mes Amis!We are now knee deep in what my most Yorkshire-est, youngest brother, Jack likes to call ’the most northern time of the year’. For international readers, The folk from the north of England like to pride themselves on being tougher and more resilient than their southern counterparts. This manifests itself in Jack’s internal battle with the central heating - ‘When is it acceptable to turn on the heating?’ he asks himself. Every time he is about to break, he has to imagine Sean Bean (the ultimate Northern male), and...

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