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Welcome back.   This is the newsletter where I recommend things. Be it music, film, TV, whatever really. The only criteria is that it sticks in the mind and is worth recommending to you discerning people. Patricia Lockwood - ‘Malfunctioning Sex Robot’ in The London Review of Books. A bit of an Alice recommendation. John Updike epitomises everything I dislike about a type of male, highbrow writer. “I was hired as an assassin. You don’t bring in a 37-year-old woman to review John Updike in the year of our Lord 2019...

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Win a Double Merrick Print!

View this email in your browser Hello my friends!!!   We are back. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND, no less. People like your good selves have been asking - Where’s the newsletter got to? When’s it coming back? So much like Shingles or some other chronic condition, we are back whether you want us or not.    So what’s new? We are going to split up the old newsletter into two - A newsy one, where I talk about new products or regale you with humorous tales of my everyday life. The...

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The Update: The Puppening

Holà chums,Welcome to the DM family - Margot! This little ball of cuteness started life in a cardboard box with two other of her sisters. She’s a charming lucky dip of dog dna (currently mostly lab, but who knows?). Obviously the timing is a tad crazy - Everyone going back to work and school. But you can never underestimate the power of a good distraction. You hate your new teacher? Ooh, look what Margot is doing!!! Dad forgot to get your textbook? Just look at that crazy puppy!!! And don't...

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Mambo Italiano!

Holà chums,How are you diddling? Well August has taken on it’s traditional form - Hotter than Hades, bored kids lolling around the house, visitors staying, and your hero getting absolutely sod all done. But this year I have decided to just give in to the heat, the torpor, and the near constant demands for snacks and just roll with it. So, I have been wearing shorts all the time and saying ‘Sure!’ A lot."Can I have something to eat?""Sure!""Can we have an ice cream?""Sure!""Why is the earth round?""Sure!"You won't hear...

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