Guess Who's Back?

What's that scratching at the door?A shadowy figure, perhaps a vagrant? Or a tired gypsy offering to sharpen your knives?He comes closer, his gait is familiar and up close his face seems to be some sort of a disguise. Could it be? But, but I thought you were dead!Double Merrick, is it you????It is I! Returning from my untimely death like Sherlock Holmes after falling over the Reichennach falls. I had to do it to protect you.  From what? You cry. From nine months of really boring newsletters about me renovating a house. Look, to...

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The Birthday Boy

Hiya!How's things with you?A few weeks ago my friend Richard turned 40. From my viewpoint (39 two thirds and counting) turning forty seems to be a bit of a big deal. It’s unlike previous birthdays, gone are the endless, nebulous possibilities of people’s potential futures. People now have kids, ageing parents, and established careers that they may or may not like. Forty is the ‘you-are-really-in-this-and-this-is-really-is-your-life’ birthday and consequently, how you celebrate it can be problematic. You can’t necessarily go for the full on Oliver Reed style shenanigans that you might...

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Mocktails and Metallica

Hiya!How's things with you?“What are you doing on Monday night?” James K asked me“No plans, why?”“I have a spare ticket for Metallica at the NEC if you fancy it”“Can I wear my corduroy jacket without being stabbed?” I asked“Of course”“Then I’m in” And that’s how I found myself swigging energy drinks, surrounded by pasty bald metal fans. I’m no fan of Metallica, and neither is James (I think he just wanted to see an impressive live show). But I am a fan of doing unusual things and after a light Mexican...

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Tom Hanks Bought Me a Bathtub

Hiya!How's things with you?I suspect everyone has a Thursday like mine. It might not be your actual Thursday, it might be your Saturday or your Monday, but either way it is probably the spiritual twin of my Thursday- A day that predictably spirals out of control, a list of errands that becomes an outright rat run that leaves you hassled and spent. It’s always a case of one job leading to another, and then the inevitable ‘Well, if I’m that side of town I should probably do X’. I was...

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