In 2010, Double Merrick* was started by Merrick Angle, an English designer living in France. Inspired by the amazing ephemera he saw in his forgotten corner of France, he set out to make prints and homewares to bring a touch of this magic to the world.
Double Merrick is based near Limoges. We work out of crumbly, vine covered studio. Despite our relatively remote location, the post office is just over the road, and we can ship to anywhere in the world.
*The name Double Merrick is the invention of Merrick's daughter, Flora. She describes him as 'Like my daddy only better'. He was quite taken with this idea.
Terms and Conditions:
At Double Merrick, We’re pretty reasonable and we think you’re probably pretty reasonable too. So, if there is a problem, contact us and we’ll see what we can do to put it right.
Stockists include: